A combination of two Israel Horovitz one-acts: 'The Indian Wants The Bronx' and 'Beirut Rocks' performed  in one program titled 'A Night Of Horovitz'. 

As a company, we feel that it is important to reflect modern day society through theatre. These pieces explore how fear and rage poison the human experience through cultural ignorance and narcissism. While contrasting in period and synchronizing in theme. 



A Night of Horovitz

THe Indian wants the Bronx
Beirut rocks


The Secret Theatre
44-02 23rd st
Long Island city
ny, 11101
(718) 392-0722


October 19th - 22nd, 2017

Written by: Israel horovitz

Direction by: Nick zappetti, timothy gillespie

Featuring: Taylor Hayes, Gregory Kowlessar, Danielle Giusto maqsood, James O'Connor, Peter Tarantino, JUSTIN TRICE, Joe Winchell.





An East Indian gets lost on his first day in New York as two teenage punks find him waiting at a lonely bus stop. He cannot understand English, and the boys have some fun with him – at least it starts out as fun. But little by little, they get bored; then annoyed; then vicious. It is the very pointlessness of their brutality that makes the play so disturbing.


Directed by: Nick Zappetti
Cast: Gregory Kowlessar, Peter Tarantino, Joe Winchell



Four American college students; Benjy, a Jewish boy from the Bronx studying at Middlebury College, Jake, a Harvard student, Sandy, studying at Stanford and Nasa, a Palestinian girl studying English at Cambridge, seek refuge from the 2006 July War in a hotel acting as a safe house. It doesn't take long for the students to realize the hatred that fuels the conflict outside exist within themselves and tensions reach a fevered pitched. 

Directed by: Timothy Gillespie
Cast: Taylor Hayes, Danielle Giusto Maqsood, James O'Connor, Justin Stephon Trice


Stage Manager: Avery Orvis
Sound Design: Avery Orvis
Lighting Design: Connor Nagle

Production Manager: Nick Zappetti
Scenic Design: Michael Gillespie
Lighting Tech/Projections: Don Conner 

Art Design: Emma Brawley 
Dramaturge: Elizabeth Walsh
Theatre Manager: Darrell Beirne